Shell Beads Bracelet Gemstone Beaded Stretch Crystal Bracelets
Shell Beads Bracelet Gemstone Beaded Stretch Crystal Bracelets
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Shell Beads Bracelet Gemstone Beaded Stretch Crystal Bracelets

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Shell Beads Bracelect from 6mm to 9mm.

Size 6-7mm

Size 8-9mm



Shell bead bracelets exude coastal charm and natural elegance. Crafted from intricately shaped and polished seashells, these bracelets evoke a beachy aesthetic and a connection to the sea. The soft, iridescent hues of the shells create a soothing palette, perfect for summer style or bohemian chic. Beyond their aesthetic allure, these bracelets carry the elemental energy of the ocean, promoting tranquility and a sense of grounding. Whether worn casually or as a statement piece, shell bead bracelets capture the essence of seaside serenity, making them a versatile and stylish accessory that resonates with nature-loving spirits and beach enthusiasts alike.


Important shopping notes:
1.Please note that photos are provided to show examples of what your crystal may look like, but each piece is completely unique in pattern and may be taller, shorter, thinner, or thicker.
2.Please allow for slight variations due to sizing differences, bead sizes, differences in computer monitors, and lighting conditions. Beads used in this piece are natural and may vary in color and pattern.shipping.
3.All the images we listed are 100% real photos.But different monitor or phone screen display color differently.The color of real item may slight vary from the images.